Zimbra to Gmail Migration – Import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail Account

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A week ago, a user from Brisbane, Australia, has contacted our support team and he was having a query like –

Query – I have exported TGZ files from Zimbra and now I am searching a solution to import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail account. How can I proceed?

Solution – Zimbra to Gmail Migration

So, here we will discuss how easily we have served that user and helped him to import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail. We have followed the following procedure –

  1. First of all, we have suggested that user to download most popular Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool.
    Download Demo - Zimbra Mail to Outlook Migrator
  2. Till downloading get finished, we have suggested him to make some changes in his Gmail account. For migrating or moving Zimbra to gmail, Less Secure Apps must be enabled in your Gmail account. To make this setting, we have provided a guide here – Enable Less Secure Apps Settings.
  3. After downloading & making all settings in Gmail account, start with installing the software and then run the software from Start Menu. Then software will appear on the screen as  –
  4. Then we have guided him to select all those exported TGZ files using Select Files button of the software. then software will present a screen that will ask for the location of exported TGZ files.
  5. After adding the Zimbra TGZ files on software panel, software will then preview all the content of those selected TGZ files.
  6. Then we have proceeded the zimbra to gmail migration by clicking on Export button. Then choose Gmail as a saving format from the list. Click on Next button and then enter the gmail credentials as shown below:
  7. Software will authenticate the Gmail account as per the entered details and will show a green tick if every details are correct. Click on Next button and the software will start the migration process and will migrate Zimbra to Gmail account successfully.

Thus, the above procedure, has successfully helped our client to migrate mailboxes from Zimbra to Gmail. By trying this Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool, he has bagged many advantages like –

Advantages of Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Import all Zimbra mail folders to gmail account.
  • Import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail directly.
  • Import Zimbra emails with accuracy of email headers, email body, email formatting.
  • Migrate Zimbra to Gmail with all email attachments.
  • Migrate thousands of zimbra TGZ files in very less time.
  • Batch Zimbra to Gmail Migration
  • Maps different zimbra TGZ Files to different Gmail account.

Thus, Zimbra Migration tool at TransferMyMails is the Best Solution for the queries like –

  • How to import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail?
  • How to import TGZ to gmail?
  • How to migrate Zimbra to Gmail?
  • How to migrate zimbra mailboxes to gmail?

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