How to Migrate, Export Zimbra Mail to Thunderbird?

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Task to migrate Zimbra to Thunderbird is now easily possible with the help of available Zimbra Migration solutions in the market. In this blog we want to discuss the process to export zimbra mail to Thunderbird in a best possible way with use of #1 Zimbra Migration Tool.

#1 Zimbra to Thunderbird Migration Tool

Zimbra to Thunderbird Migration @ TransferMyMails is a renowned utility that helps its user to move zimbra mailboxes to Thunderbird. Using this tool, users can directly migrate, move, export Zimbra TGZ mailboxes to Thunderbird. Zimbra to MBOX Thunderbird migration helps in migrating mailboxes from Zimbra to MBOX format that is  easily supported by Mozilla Thunderbird.

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The above mentioned Zimbra Migration tool comes with some really good features that helps the tool to work as a professional Zimbra to Thunderbird tool. Lets read out all those features one by one –

  • Migrate Zimbra mail to Thunderbird directly from Zimbra TGZ.
  • Supports to export Zimbra mail to Thunderbird with all email properties like  – to, cc, bcc, subject, date etc.
  • Migrate Zimbra mail to Thunderbird MBOX with all mail folders.
  • Migrate Zimbra emails with all attachments
  • Supports to maintain accurate folder structure during zimbra to Thunderbird migration.
  • Provides date filters option to allow its users to perform selective migration from Zimbra to Thunderbird.
  • Provides preview of zimbra data before migration to MBOX format.
  • Export to Thunderbird with accurate email body.

Thus, Zimbra to Thunderbird MBOX Migration tool is a feature-rich utility that performs migrate & export Zimbra mail to Thunderbird in a very proficient way. Even the working procedure of the tool goes as simple like 1, 2, 3.

Now lets throw some light on the Working Process of Zimbra to Thunderbird Migration.

Working Guide – Move Zimbra Mailboxes

Step 1 – Run Zimbra Migrator Tool

Install the Zimbra to Thunderbird Migration Tool and then run the software from the start menu.

Step 2 – Select Zimbra TGZ Files

Select the TGZ Files using Select Files button and choose the TGZ file that you want to convert or migrate to Thunderbird and then Click on Next button.

Step 3  – Preview Zimbra Data

After loading Zimbra TGZ files, software will provide a preview of all emails & mail folders found in the selected TGZ file.

Step 4 – Export Zimbra TGZ to MBOX Files

After viewing all zimbra data, click on Export button to start the process to export zimbra mail to thunderbird. Choose MBOX Files as you saving option and then choose the location to save the MBOX file.

Step 5 – Start Zimbra to Thunderbird Migration Process

After selecting MBOX as your saving option, software will start the migration process. and then at the comoletion of this process, just import MBOX into Thunderbird mail client.

So, Zimbra to Thunderbird Migration can be accomplished easily by following the above steps. And users can easily export, migrate, move, convert Zimbra mailboxes into Thunderbird.

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