Migrate & Export Thunderbird to Gmail Accounts – Direct Approach

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With growing popularity of Cloud based environment, many Thunderbird users are looking for a solution to move their mailboxes from Thunderbird to Gmail Account. There are many reasons that are encouraging a Thunderbird user to move, migrate, export to Gmail account like –

  • Many users are moving towards Gmail as Google has provided many services other than emailing in a single platform like – G drive, Photos, News, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Thunderbird is a desktop email client where as Gmail is a free Cloud-based emailing solution.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is not versatile as of Gmail. Gmail accounts can be opened, accessed from desktop, PC, mac, mobile phones etc. at any time.

So, here we  will discuss about a way out to perform the migration from Thunderbird to Gmail. In this blog post we will discuss a direct approach to migrate Thunderbird to Gmail i.e – Thunderbird to Gmail Migration Tool.

#1 Tool to Export Thunderbird to Gmail Directly

TransferMyMails offers a stand alone Thunderbird to Gmail Migrator tool that supports to migrate Thunderbird to Gmail.

As we know, Thunderbird supports an option to export all the mailboxes into MBOX file and then users will have to re-use Thunderbird MBOX files and upload, migrate them to Gmail account. Software to export Thunderbird to Gmail provides following benefits to its users like  –

  • Direct Migration to Gmail – The program supports to move, upload, migrate Thunderbird to Gmail directly. Software will just ask the use to select the Thunderbird MBOX and then it will automatically migrates all thunderbird mailboxes to Gmail account.
  • Accurate Migration of Thunderbird email items – During the process to export Thunderbird to Gmail, software stores accurate data from Thunderbird to Gmail account. It allows thunderbird migration to gmail with all accurate email content, email header, email body, email formatting, email attachments etc.
  • Migrate Thunderbird with all Mail Folders – Thunderbird to Gmail migrator tool supports to migrate Thunderbird to Gmail will all mail folders. After the migration process, software will save all thunderbird mailboxes into Gmail as a Label.
  • Batch Migrate Thunderbird mailboxes to Gmail – the program allow its users to migrate multiple thunderbird mailboxes to single gmail account or to different gmail account. It allow users to map mbox files too different gmail accounts.
  • Workable for Windows OS – Thunderbird to Gmail Migrator only works on Windows based OS.

After knowing all the benefits, lets now discuss the working method to migrate Thunderbird to gmail.

Working Method – Export Thunderbird to Gmail

  • Step 1 – Install & Run Thunderbird to Gmail Migration Tool
    Thunderbird to Gmail Migration Tool
  • Step 2 – Add Thunderbird MBOX Files
    Then Select the Thunderbird MBOX files using Add files or Add Folder button. Then software will load oll the selected files in a grid and then Click on Next button from the bottom of the software panel.
    Migrate Thunderbird to Gmail
  • Step 2 – Choose from Thunderbird to Gmail Migration Option available.
    Then software will provide 2 options to choose gmail account – “Migrate All MBOX files to single Gmail Account” and “Migrate each MBOX files into Separate Gmail account”. Choose the option as per your requirements and then click on Next button.
    Export Thunderbird to Gmail
  •  Step 4 – Connect to your Gmail Account
    Then software will ask for your email account details (email address, password) and will auto authenticate all the details and will present a green tick if all details are correct. After this click on Next button.Multiple Thunderbrid to Gmail Migration
  • Step 5  – Migrate Thunderbird to Gmail
    After this, software will start migrating mailboxes from Thunderbird to Gmail and as the process finishes software will provide a message about the successful migration.
    Successful Thunderbird to Gmail Migration

From the above discusses, it is clear that Thunderbird to Gmail Migration is the only direct approach available to migrate Thunderbird to gmail, export Thunderbird to gmail aptly.