How to Add, Transfer & Migrate cPanel Email to Gmail/G Suite Account – An Expert’s Suggested Approach

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The idea of email conversion is intimidating for many. That is why so many people are looking for a third-party tool for perfect migration. Well, each program works very well is least possible as user demands increase day by day. In the present scenario, people are facing huge trouble in cPanel email forwarding to Gmail account. As most people are unaware of the process and some are waiting for technical expert advice. The east and quick method to connect cPanel email to Gmail is the need for every user almost. So that, they can easily open cPanel email in Gmail or G suite account.

If you are searching for a manual technique to migrate cPanel email to Gmail (Google Apps), you are going on the wrong way because the manual way is a time-taking procedure that is least perfect in giving results. This article discusses an expert’s suggested solution on how to add cPanel email to Gmail. First, let’s get some details about cPanel Webmail app.

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About cPanel Email

cPanel is a Linux based control panel that is commonly famous for web hosting accounts. Using this, you can simply organize all services in a single place. cPanel is presently the industry standard and greatest web developers are well familiar. cPanel is a great service permits you to organize a web hosting account with extreme proficiency.

cPanel Email vs Gmail/G suite

The first and most significant difference is that Gmail is one of the most common email service and it is thoroughly used to manage email activities. Furthermore, it is presented for free and provides multiple services like Google documents, Google Excel, etc. It is not simple to beat the strong security of the Gmail/G Suite service. It keeps you against any dangerous attack. Creating a Gmail account is beneficial in every technique, because you have access to your emails, calendars, and contacts on any system, whether it is a tablet or smartphone. And someplace cPanel is misplaced in all these areas. So, migrating cPanel to Gmail is the best choice!

How Do I Export My cPanel Email in Computer?


The cPanel email export process is a very easy task. You do not need any technical knowledge for importing cPanel emails in local machine. By following the few simple steps, you can transfer all mailbox details in cPanel MBOX format. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the cPanel emails in computer.

Download your cPanel Emails

  1. Login to your cPanel account by filling the login details.
  2. Click on the Folder option and then right click. Choose Export for continue.
  3. cPanel itself offers an option to forward emails from cPanel mailbox format with excellent accuracy.
  4. Now, save cPanel mailbox email at user required location and computer offline storage.

Export, Connect & Migrate cPanel Email to Gmail/G suite with cPanel to Gmail Migration Tool


cPanel to Gsuite Migration Tool is the all-in-one solution to import cPanel email to Gmail/Google Apps. The tool gives various advanced features to directly open cPanel email in Gmail account without getting any error. It provides very simple and user-friendly interface and does not need any technical knowledge to use this cPanel to Gmail Migration Tool. You can also migrate email from cPanel to G suite in single process by using the batch migration option. There is no limitation in this software. You can successfully connect, forward and migrate cPanel email to G suite. You can trust this application for secure migration because it achieves accurate, error-free, and fast migration from cPanel to Gmail. This tool gives 100% accuracy for cPanel email forwarding to Gmail with all attachments, email formatting, header details, etc.

Steps to Import cPanel Email to Gmail/G Suite Account Directly


Follow the complete guidance for a direct procedure. Start the procedure by downloading the cPanel MBOX Migration to G Suite Tool. Install the tool and follow the steps:

Step 1. Launch the cPanel to Gmail Migration Tool on your desktop and select Add File(s) or Add Folder option to import cPanel emails in software.

Step 2. After uploading the cPanel files, click on Next to proceed further.


Step 3. Now, select one option between two different options: 1. Connect all cPanel mailboxes in single Gmail/G Suite account, and 2. Connect every cPanel mailbox in different Gmail/G Suite account. And then, click on Next to continue.


Step 4(a). If you select “Transfer all cPanel Files in Single Gmail account” then, you need to fill the login ID and password of your Gmail account.

Step 4(b). If you select “Transfer every cPanel File in Separate Gmail account” then, you have to fill the login ID and password for every cPanel mailbox.

Step 5. Now, click on Export to start the cPanel to G Suite migration and you can also see the entire progress during the process.

Step 6. Once it is completed, a message will immediately show such as Conversion Completed. Then, hit on OK to accomplish the procedure.

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed the best and trusted solution to save cPanel email in Gmail account with attachments. The cPanel to Gmail Migration Tool also provides free demo version that works as same as license edition. Using the trial version of the software, you can also migrate 20 emails from each cPanel mailbox to G Suite account without investing money. After satisfying with the working of the cPanel to G suite Migration Tool you can but the license key to achieve batch cPanel to Gmail migration at once.