Export, Print & Save MBOX Email to PDF Format with MBOX to PDF Tool

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In today’s era, there are multiple situations where a user requires saving MBOX email to PDF file format along with their attachments. But, it is always a difficult task for users to move from one file format to another. But you don’t get bothered about it, because we are giving the best, reliable & trust-worthy solution i.e. MBOX Migration program to export MBOX to PDF format with attachments in the precise result. It will be your correct decision to print your entire email data of MBOX file to PDF format.


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An Ideal Solution to Export MBOX to PDF with Attachments


In order to resolve the query of how to convert MBOX in PDF file format, users need to use the MBOX to PDF Tool. It consists of a number of advanced functionalities which provides numerous options to bulk print MBOX files to PDF format. A user can easily rely on this solution which offers the perfect email migration from MBOX to PDF file format without losing any single bit of data. It is a helpful and useful solution for even novice users to effortlessly export MBOX to PDF with attachments.

What MBOX to PDF Migration Tool Can Do?


There are various benefits of using MBOX to PDF software, which makes the entire task very easy to achieve for users. Some of the main benefits of using Export MBOX to PDF Tool are mentioned below:-

  • Supports batch migration to save MBOX email to PDF in a bulk at once.
  • Allow moving MBOX file of any supported MBOX email client such as Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, and many more to PDF file format.
  • Capable to print MBOX to PDF along with all emails formatting and attachments in an accurate manner.
  • Convert all variants of MBOX files including extension (.mbox, .mbx, & .mbs) and without extension (MBOX) files into PDF format.
  • Provides two options for saving PDF – 1. Save all emails in single PDF, and 2. Save every email in a single PDF file.
  • Gives different options to print MBOX to PDF with attachments – 1. Embeds attachments directly into Adobe PDF document, 2. Save attachments individually in a folder, 3. Print all attachments into PDF format, and 4. Add attachments within a PDF document.
  • Easy GUI available that makes this application simple to use.
  • Precisely export MBOX to PDF by keeping the all meta-properties and data integrity intact.
  • Preview feature provides to view selected MBOX email before performing the actual migration step.
  • Save Report feature available that saves complete MBOX to PDF migration details in CSV file after finishing the procedure.
  • Offers Search Files option to search the MBOX email files on the system drive or external hard drive.
  • Windows-based migration program that supports all Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) OS platforms including latest Windows 10, and all below versions.

How to Export MBOX to PDF with MBOX Migration Tool?


Follow the complete step-by-step guide of MBOX to PDF Migration Tool to print & save MBOX email to PDF file format with attachments:

Step 1. Firstly, click on the below-given button to download, install and launch the software on the Windows system –


Step 2. Now, go to “Select Files” and select any option amongst “Select File(s)” and “Select Folder” to import MBOX files for migration into Adobe PDF format and press on the “Next” to continue.


Step 3. If you forgot the MBOX files location, then go to the “Search” option of the tool to find the MBOX email files from system drives or external hard drives. It will show the full list of MBOX files in the selected location. Just choose MBOX file which you want to import into the MBOX to PDF Migration Tool and then hit on Ok.


Step 4. Now, view the chosen MBOX email in the software preview window before pressing on the Export option. You can make use of the “Save Attachment” option if you do not need to perform the migration of MBOX email and only required to save attachments.


Step 5. Hit on the “Export” button and choose PDF as the output file format to export MBOX to PDF file format.


Step 6. Now, check on “Apply Filters” option and Set Filters as per your need. It will offer two types of Filters:

Email Filters – It helps you to print MBOX emails to any suitable format using –

  • Filters by Date – Using date filter, you can set a certain date range by choosing “From” and “To” dates for achieving specific date-range data migration from MBOX to PDF.
  • Filters by Email – In this email filter, you will get various filters according to emails such as From, To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject. And, in this filters set, the tool offers conditioning filters including “Contains” and “Doesn’t Contains” option.

Attachment Filters – It gives two options that are 1. Export Email that has Attachments, and 2. Don’t export Email that has Attachments. So, you can select any option amongst them as per your requirement.


Step 7. After applying filters, check “PDF Saving” option and choose PDF saving options according to your requirement by pressing on the Advanced Options.


Step 8. Choose the File Naming option to save the exported emails as per your wish. And, then click on the “Browse” to select the destination location where you want to store the printed files.


Step 9. Now, click on the “Export” option to start the MBOX to PDF migration procedure. And also view the live migration progress with the green status bar.


Step 10. Once the process completes, a success message will open i.e. Conversion is done. Then, click Ok button to accomplish the migration of MBOX file to PDF.



In this blog post, we provided a complete step-by-step guide for all technical and non-technical users to export MBOX to PDF format. On the online market, there are many manual methods and other professional ways available. But I would like to recommend you to go with the best and accurate MBOX to PDF Migration Tool providing by TransferMyMails for MBOX. It provides 100% success result after completing the migration of MBOX file to PDF format. Before investing in it, you can also take a free trial of this MBOX to PDF Tool that allows saving the first 20 emails from each MBOX folder to PDF Adobe document without any cost.