Simply Convert MBOX to EML using MBOX Files to EML Converter

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Summary: The MBOX file is quite a popular file format, with a number of email applications using it to save their data. Though, it has a few restrictions which prompt user to move from it to another file format like EML. What are these restrictions and how can users convert MBOX to EML format is the main focus of this article.

MBOX keeps an extensive text file that saves all email messages in a series from, but it includes separate files for separate mailboxes. For example, for MS Outlook, MBOX will keep a single file for all emails, and a different file for the emails on Gmail. UNIX had been the most primary user of MBOX mailbox files but nowadays, Thunderbird, MS Entourage, and Qualcomm Eudora are also using MBOX as their primary data file format.

What Issues do users face with the MBOX File Format?

MBOX is an open source file format that is used to store all email messages in the series format, and it is used by multiple email client applications such as Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, The Bat!, and many more. But now, users face a number of problems and difficulties with MBOX file format as related to another file format, the EML file format. A few of these problems are listed below:

  • MBOX file format doesn’t permit the user to save separate email messages.
  • It doesn’t get indexed with Windows Desktop Search simply. Whereas EML file format gets indexed quite easily making it convenient for the users to find emails instantly.
  • MBOX is not supportable with a number of email applications whereas EML file format is supportable with email applications such as Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. making it more useful for the users.
  • Like MBOX, the EML file is similar to that of an MHT file, and this feature makes it possible to open an EML file in the Internet Explorer. You can also open an EML file with the help of text editor, for example, Microsoft Notepad, which is not thinkable with MBOX file format.

The MBOX to EML conversion becomes necessary to allow users to access their mailbox files on different platforms, including Internet Explorer. That is why users wish to convert MBOX files to EML file format. Now let us know how to convert MBOX to EML format with step-by-step guide.

An Advanced Solution to Export MBOX Files to EML Format

In order to achieve the process of how to convert MBOX emails to EML format, you should try the best solution i.e. MBOX to EML Converter. It helps non-technical users as well as technical users to convert MBOX files to EML format along with all email messages, and attachments. The MBOX Migration to EML software is a well-compatible with all EML based email applications including Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and many more. So, you can perform MBOX to EML conversion for any EML based email client. The Converter for MBOX Files to EML supports not only MBOX file even it supports all variants of MBOX files including extension (.mbox, .mbx, and .mbs) and without extension file. It is also capable for both single MBOX mailbox and bulk MBOX mailboxes conversion to EML file format in one-time process without losing any details. Before buying it, you can also analyze its working with the use of free MBOX to EML Converter download edition, which allows converting 20 emails per MBOX mailbox to EML format without any charges.

Now, follow step-by-step complete working guide of MBOX to EML software to precisely and successfully convert MBOX mails in EML format with attachments:

Step 1. Firstly, download the MBOX to EML Converter software on your Windows platform by clicking on the below given button.

Step 2. Launch and open the tool on your system and view first screen of the software.


Step 3. Click on “Select Files” button and load MBOX files for MBOX to EML conversion by using dual options and then hit on “Next” button:

  • Select File(s) – By using this option, import multiple MBOX files with the help of Ctrl key of the keyboard.
  • Select Folder – By using this option, import complete MBOX folder containing a number of MBOX files into the software.

Note: Use “Search” option to search MBOX files on your system drive or external drive to upload MBOX files into software for conversion, if you don’t know the exact MBOX file location.

Step 4. Now, preview MBOX emails before applying the actual conversion step. And then hit on “Export” button.

Preview MBOX emails

Step 5. After clicking on Export , select “EML” as an output file format to save MBOX in EML format and select destination path according to your wish to save the exported files by clicking on the “Browse” button.

choose EML as output format

Step 6. Now, press on the “Export” to start the conversion of MBOX files to EML process and also view the live progress status during the conversion.

Step 7. When the process finish, a success message will immediately show i.e. Conversion is done. Then, press on the “Ok” button to complete the export process.

Summing up:

There could be a number of reasons why a user may require converting an existing mailbox data from one email client to another. In spite of the causes, MBOX mailbox migration is generally quite difficult, time-consuming, and risk-prone. That’s why professional solution – the MBOX to EML Converter is considered to be the best solution since they offer a simple and effective method for achieving the migration.