How Do I Insert Page Numbers in a PDF Document?

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Are you one of the users who are having a PDF document having thousands of numbers in it and looking for answers to resolve their queries like “how do I insert page numbers in a PDF document”? Then you are at right place, this blog will help you learn different techniques for inserting sequential page numbers to PDF documents. But before starting with the solution, lets first discuss why it is important to add bates stamp to Adobe PDF documents.

Why is it Necessary to Insert Page Numbers to PDF?

Placing page numbers to PDF is important these days, because it helps users to easily manage PDF files once they become large in numbers. Other reasons include :

  • You can sort documents when sequential numbers are added to PDF
  • You can easily search a particular topic on PDF documents having page numbers
  • It helps users to keep track of their progress while they read a particular PDF file
  • You can manage piles of PDF documents by adding bates stamping to them

How to Insert Page Numbers in a PDF Document?

Now that we know the importance of adding page numbers to PDF, it time to learn how to do it. Using a manual method, you can insert page numbers to PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC. The steps are provided, as follows :

  • Start Adobe Acrobat DC and open PDF file to add pages to it
  • On the Submenu bar, click Tools>> Pages.
  • Select Header and Footer >> Add header and footer
  • On the Font Name drop-down menu, select your chosen font
  • Now, on the Font Size menu, choose the font size for adding bates numbers to your PDF
  • On the Header and Footer text box, select the desired location where you want to position the Bates number.
  • Click on Insert page number to add page numbers on PDF.
  • Check the preview of you PDF in preview window and click OK.

Limitation of Manual Method

The manual method has a few limitations, as given below:

  • Numerous Steps :The mentioned manual method takes several steps to add page numbers to PDF documents. Therefore, one has to devote an ample amount of time in completing the process.
  • Needs Adobe Acrobat DC Pro :The manual method needs Adobe Acrobat DC Pro edition to be installed on system. Otherwise this option will be disabled in free edition.
  • Doesn’t Works on Protected PDF Documents :This method doesn’t support inserting bates stamping on encrypted or password protected PDF files. You need to remove encryption from PDF documents to apply page numbering with Acrobat Reader.

Use Professional Method to Insert Bates Stamping to PDF

Considering the limitations of manual method, users search for some alternative solution to insert PDF bates stamping and page numbering. Using a professional utility like PDF Bates Stamping Tool, they can easily get their “How do I Insert Page Numbers in a PDF Document” queries resolved, and that too with complete success. The software provides instant solution to add page numbers to multiple PDF documents in batch. It is capable of removing all types of encryption from encrypted PDF documents and add page numbers in Adobe documents. Additionally, installation of Adobe Acrobat DC is not required for using this software. Its an ideal utility for all users to simply add PDF pages and bates stamp with all accurate details.

Outstanding Features of PDF Bates Stamping Tool

  • Supports to add page numbers to unlimited PDF documents in batch
  • Insert page numbers on series of PDF files and their associated pages, at once
  • Preview option is available to check PDFs before saving
  • Provides option to add prefix /suffix data alongwith page numbers
  • Allows to set position where you want the page number to appear on PDF
  • Provides option to continue bates number series for all selected PDF documents
  • Allows to decrypt PDF files encrypted with RC4x40, RC4x128, AESx128 & AESx256 encryption
  • Option to add additional info – URL, Organization, Disclaimer, current date stamp etc. is provided
  • Provides different formatting options for customized bates stamp
  • Stand-alone utility – doesn’t need Acrobat Reader installation
  • Save resultant file according to file naming options
  • Suitable for all Windows OS – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.


Inserting page numbering to PDF documents is an essential task for all who are dealing with numerous PDF documents. In this post, we have discussed the reasons and different solutions to help users resolve their “How do I Insert Page Numbers in a PDF Document? queries. They can go with any solution as per their convenience. If you go with automated solution then it is also available as FREE demo version that allows to add page numbers to first five PDF pages alongwith “CUBEXSOFT” stamp.