How Do I Add My cPanel Email to Outlook? – Best Solution

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Last week, I got the query of a new client who wants to export email from cPanel to Outlook. Before, they use cPanel, which is a web hosting control panel based on Linux. Though, they were facing difficulties when trying to login to their cPanel account by using their domain.  Furthermore, they also described the strategy to increase its business in the United States, where the MS Outlook application is thoroughly used.

The first thing I did after receiving their query (how do I add my cPanel email to Outlook) was looked up for results on this query. I was astonished to see great results on it. I got the reasons that a number of people are searching for the accurate solution to export email from cPanel to Outlook. First of all, I did time’s research on the internet and then I have found my results. I contacted technical experts of the organization and they made my complete task very easy.

In this blog, you will know a common and technically suggested solution for cPanel backup to Outlook. We guarantee you that while using this method you will find two things i.e. easiness and 100% correctness. But, first I must share the lesser known functions of the MS Outlook application that might be a big wonder to you.

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Import cPanel Webmail to Outlook – Enjoy the Features

  • For all your important details, you can make a search folder in MS Outlook. It is a proficient way to organize all crucial information in a single place.
  • Notifications are disturbing and waste your time away from your main concern. In the MS Outlook, you will get the option to limit desktop notifications.
  • If you have international clients/colleagues, you can also manage a second-time-zone into Outlook calendar for calls or videos conferences on the correct time.
  • Do you have a hassle in meeting your goals? Using MS Outlook not anymore, you can also set check-in reminders.

Where emails are kept in cPanel Webmail?

While looking for the solution to resolve the query “how do I add my cPanel email to Outlook”, I noticed one thing that various users want to know the location of their cPanel emails. Well, whatever could be the cause? Here are a few steps are given to get your cPanel emails.

  • Log in to the cPanel account by filling the credentials.
  • On the cPanel page, you will find the option “Email account”. Press on it and you will see the complete list of Groupware accounts.
  • Now, in the admin account, hit on more details and choose the option “Access webmail”.

How to Export cPanel Emails to the Desktop?

To effectively export email from cPanel to Outlook, you have to first extract and download emails from cPanel Webmail. The procedure is very easy, unlike other webmail or email applications, and can be accomplished in a few clicks.

  1. Initially, fill the login details of your cPanel account.
  2. Choose the folder like Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc. and then right click on it. Click on the Export.
  3. cPanel itself provides an option to save cPanel webmail emails in MBOX format.
  4. Now, save the cPanel emails to your required location.

How Do I Add My cPanel Email to Outlook with cPanel to Outlook Migration Tool?


Now you have all cPanel mailboxes or emails in the computer on the desktop. For cPanel backup to Outlook, you can only trust one software; cPanel to Outlook Migration Tool. This program provides very simple GUI and supports to import cPanel email to Outlook without any data loss. It is a completely error-free solution with advanced features like Apply Filters for selective data migration, Search option to find the cPanel emails on your computer, Save Report to keep the entire conversion details in CSV file, Preview Facility to view cPanel emails before applying actual step for migration. The cPanel to Outlook migration program offers dual options to add cPanel mailboxes into the software such as Select File(s) and Select Folder option. Using an option between them you can load cPanel emails in this tool for performing migration from cPanel to Outlook and solving the query of how do I add my cPanel email to Outlook.

Step-by-Step Process to Import cPanel Email to Outlook


Follow the complete working of cPanel to Outlook Migration Tool to easily export, migrate, transfer, cPanel mailbox to Outlook along with all email files, and attachments:

Step 1. Download and Run cPanel MBOX Migration to Outlook software on your desktop.

Step 2. Open the software and go to Select Files option.


(Note: If you have no idea where you saved the cPanel emails, then make use of Search option to find out the cPanel emails in your computer.)

Step 3. Choose Select File(s) or Select Folder option to upload cPanel emails in the software and click the Next button.

Step 4. Take the preview of selected cPanel emails and then press on the Export to continue.

Preview MBOX emails

Step 5. Select the saving file format as PST and also select sub-options such as Apple Filters, Split PST Files in MB or GB according to your need an also select destination path using “Browse” button.

Step 6. Now, click on Export to start the cPanel backup to Outlook process. You can view the complete conversion progress during the process.

Step 7. Once the process is finished, click on Ok to stop to process.

Summing up:

I understand the necessity to export email from cPanel to Outlook. That is why I described the most effective and trusted tool for the cPanel backup to Outlook process and come out the trouble of “how do I add my cPanel email to Outlook”. The tool is professionally checked and provides successful results after completing the cPanel to Outlook migration. It is also available as download edition which allows the user to import cPanel email to Outlook with the limitation of 20 emails per mailbox without any charges. For batch migration, you can go for its license key.